Joey’s Story: Germany 2016


In 2012 Joey met Circus Mojo as a patient at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in the waiting room of Orthopaedics, where he learned a few tricks and convinced his amazing mom to let him join the circus. Fast forward four years . . . Joey is  out of Ortho and on tour with us in Germany. 

I loved my visit to Germany with Circus Mojo and Pimparello. This was my first time out of the country and only my second time on an airplane. I was so excited when the creators of Mojo and Pimparello invited me on this trip. I spent the summer training, preparing and saving money for this amazing experience. It was worth every bit of hard work.

I had so much fun at Pimparello and learned a lot of new skills and tricks. I loved the training and getting to learn new styles and arts I had never seen or had the opportunity to learn in America. I especially liked learning the European style of juggling, which is much more energized than American juggling. I enjoyed seeing the landscape and scenery of the beautiful country and I made plenty of friends over there. I loved learning how to do two diabolos and learning how to juggle four balls.


I loved performing with Pimparello in multiple beautiful locations in Germany. We visited two waterparks and major cities like Stuttgart. We got to try German food and drinks. Everything there was carbonated, even the water. We tried many German candies. My favorite was Milka Milka Oreos, which is a chocolate bar with Oreos in it. What we call a Milky Way Bar is called a Mars Bar in Germany.joey-6

Germany is much cleaner than America. It was rare to see litter or gum on the ground. It was cooler there but it made it easier to perform since you did not sweat as much. I will definitely take warmer clothes though if I get the opportunity to go back since it would get really cool while sleeping in the tent.


I made incredible friendships with the Americans I traveled with, as well as the Germans, refugees and people from all over the world who I met. I learned a little bit of the German language and experienced a lot of the culture.

Overall my trip to Germany was amazing and educational, not only in circus arts but in culture. I would love to go again in two more years and do it all again.

Visit Joey’s blog to learn more about his experience with Circus Mojo at Cincinnati Children’s.


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