How Do You Join a Circus?

Cherie Dawn has been an enormous guide in the development of Circus Mojo & the Social Circus Fund. She is a fantastic dancer, performer, editor, connector & FRIEND! Bravo… My favorite class with her was with a group of juvenile felons in Ludlow KY and wow did we have fun!

Cherie Dawn Loves Fire

So you want to join a circus. This question recently came up when I was giving a presentation on being a fire eater/performer/writer/reader to a teen group at the Franklin County Library in Brooksville, Indiana.

After talking about my experiences and answering questions from a small but engaged audience of tweens, a parent approached me. She looked to be about my age, and asked if it’s really possible to join a circus. “Can it be a real job?” She asked me. My answer, at first, was that it depends. When she clarified that she was asking for her ambitious 12-year-old daughter who excelled at gymnastics and dreamed of doing cirque for a living, I knew that I had driven 90 minutes to this library, on this day, for a reason.

Cherie Dawn discussing circus arts with youth “Don’t try this at home, kids.” 🙂

A good friend of mine is living proof that you can join the…

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