Einar Trie


63 year old, Einar Trie began teaching and performing circus in 1978. He has performed for several theaters in Moscow including the Olympic Stadium for Gorbachev with over 100,000 spectators . He also worked as an actor in Professionel touring theater.

With experience as a clown , acrobat and magician, he started his own touring circus, Cirkus Charlie in 1987. He toured for 20 years with international artists and musicians. Over 100 towns were visited by Circus Charlie’s show, every summer.

Einar Trie has toured the U.S. visiting Minnesota where he performed for Native American children and participated in their pow wow . He also spent two days crossing the Grand Canyon on one meter high stilts.

Einar Trie now runs Cirkusfabrikken (the Circus Factory) and the European Circus Camp. Cirkusfabrikken has a network of artists and musicians around the world. You can join Einar and other professional circus trainers in Denmark this summer to perform and learn circus skills at Cirkusfabrikken. View details at https://circusmojo.cincyregister.com/denmark.


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