Paul Miller


Paul Hallinan Miller is founder of Circus Mojo in Ludlow Kentucky and is recognized internationally as an expert in the growing fields of Medical Clowning and Social Circus. Circus Mojo’s mission is to teach and present the circus arts as well as to encourage everyone to express their unique mojo—talent, zeal, confidence, drive, and spirit. Miller has developed three distinct businesses, or ‘rings’ related to the circus: education?, entertainment,? and Community Health. A former clown with the Greatest Show on Earth, Miller holds a degree in theatre from the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music (CCM) and serves as an adjunct faculty member at CCM teaching Theatre Movement/Circus Skills. Miller has had extensive international exposure having performed, produced shows, and conducted workshops and presentations in such diverse venues as hot spring resorts in Japan, operating rooms in Israel, under the big top in Germany, and within conferences in Australia, Finland, and the United States. For the past five years, he has partnered with Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) to offer circus skills training to children attending Camp Okawehna in Tennessee. For the past four years his team has taught thousands of hospitalized children the skills of juggling, plate spinning, hats tricks and more through his Circus Wellness ™ program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. More recently Miller has partnered with psychiatrist Gary Christenson to develop Cirque De-Stress, a mental health awareness and messaging program at the University of Minnesota and is in the process of developing the newly established Institute of Social Circus & Vocational Training Center in Ludlow Kentucky.


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