Nena Woo

Nena ran away with the oldest collegiate circus in North America, the Gamma Phi Circus at Illinois State University. With the Gamma Phi Circus, she had performed in front of thousands of people and traveled to Germany for the international gymnastics festival, Turnfest. Her performances include Lyra, Duo Trapeze with Cornell Freeney (Paul Miller’s former student and now performer for Royal Caribbean International), Tightwire, Aerial Silks, and Bike Built for 10. Since graduating with a bachelor degree in public relations, she worked for ISU Admissions and interned at Weber Shandwick, a global PR agency.  She has performed for and worked at children’s summer circus camps in Chicago with Circo Rose, The Acrofabulous Circus, Trapeze School New York Chicago and Meirmanov Sports Acrobatics.  Intrigued by Paul Miller’s work and success in the circus world, Nena’s interest in business, performing arts and the social circus cause has brought her to work at Circus Mojo.

Watch a video of Nena with the Gamma Phi Circus

Watch a video of Nena and Cornell Freeney performing Duo Trapeze

Watch a video of Nena with Acrofabulous


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