Attention circus friends! It is time for the 2nd Annual International College Circus Festival this May 16-18 at the Ludlow Theatre in Ludlow, KY (right across the bridge from Cincinnati). Runaway with Circus Mojo to show off your circus skills and network with a community of students and professionals who share a passion for circus arts. Opportunities include performances, socializing, workshops and job opportunities. Take advantage of a unique college circus experience and make new connections!

We have several college circus clubs coming that include the Illinois State University Gamma Phi Circus (oldest collegiate circus in the USA) and Cirque du K from Kalamazoo. The New England Center for Circus Arts, Duo Rose (the “first American circus artists to perform in Havana, Cuba since 1959,”) and other international performers will be joining us including performers from the Congo and Mexico. Please join our Facebook event “International College Circus Festival May 16-18, 2014” for updates!

Next Steps:

  • Register ($50 online, $75 at the door)
  • If you are interested in performing or hosting a workshop, please send me the details no later than April 16. Spots are filling quickly. For performances, please include the act name, number of performers and age range, a video, music, list of equipment used and rigging needs. Please limit performance to four minutes. For workshops, please explain the topic of interest, equipment used and technology needs.

Nena Woo
nena.circusmojo (at) gmail (dot) com


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