Jesse Suttles’ Eye Opening Experience, New Life Plans

OMG!  This place is amazing! I just wish I could bring all my family and friends and bring them here for good.  I never thought it would be possible to have an experience like this.  For crying out loud, my career choice has always been to be a Navy SEAL.  But now that I have been here in Rappenhof, Germany and attended eye widening classes like partner acrobatics, lira, juggling, and much more, I have officially decided to make circus my career choice.

Every German I have met has been like a best friend – always supportive, nice, willing to translate for us, and the kids are so cool too.  As a matter of fact, there are over 100 kids here and more than half say my name really loud when they see me and ask for a high five or to do a hand shake that I showed all of them. Everyday has been one thrilling adventure after another, especially with all the Germans treating us so greatly.

I’ve noticed that America is really unhealthy compared to here.  The healthy food has been great for me, but the weather, not so much.  I caught a virus a few days back, but thanks to some rest and some German medicine, I was back on my feet and feeling much better by the next morning!

Last year when the Germans came Ludlow, I was coming home every night speaking more and more German.  My parents hated it because they couldn’t understand me so they should be super excited to know that I know way more than I did before.  But the good news is that I have a head start on German class and around 50-60 Germans that said I can use them as a dictionary!  Thank you, Facebook and Skype! In two years I hope to come back and not only speak more German but also have another life changing experience like this one.

But for now, Tschüss und Guten Tag!


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One response to “Jesse Suttles’ Eye Opening Experience, New Life Plans

  1. Andrew

    Its great to see you having so much fun! I cant wait to come see you when you preform in cirque du soleil and get my back stage tour. 😉

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