Erinn Parker Talks First International Experience, Future Circus Plans

The airport in Newark, NJ was very confusing and crowded.  During our six hour layover, we ate in the food court, switched our money to euros, walked around, played card games, and just sat and waited.  When we got to Circus Pimparello’s grounds, the first things I saw were the animals and then I noticed the woods. The whole place is surrounded by woods.  Then, when we were at the end of the driveway, I saw a new building being constructed. It’s a new circus house.  I am excited about it because the building makes it feel like Circus Pimperello is permanent.

At the end of the second week, we visited Stuttgart.  It reminds me of Cincinnati with all its tall buildings, but there are many more trees.  There are trees growing all around the buildings.  We also saw the outside of the Mercedes-Benz museum. It reminds me of a top because it starts thin at its base, gets thick in the middle, and finally becomes thin again at the top.  I wish we could have gone in because it would have been fun looking down from the middle of it.

I have made a lot of new friends.  Phoebe was one of the other campers during the first week.  She was in both of my balance and trapeze classes.  Another camper from the first week was Damion who is from Circus Zambaioni.  On the last day during the dance party, he, a couple other girls, and I ended up watching everyone’s embarrassing dance moves from the sidelines.  Annika and Amelie are girls who are staying with me during the last two weeks of camp.  When we went to Stuttgart, Annika, Amelie, Annika’s brother, the other girls from my tent, and I all went shopping together.

One of the classes I took during the first week was trapeze.  I hadn’t done  trapeze in about two years and most of the tricks were new beginner tricks, but I learned  many more advanced tricks in that one week although there were a few that I couldn’t do.  I also learned a few tricks on horseback during the first week.  I can kneel on the horse and lay back on the horse.  I am thinking of actually going into circus horse training instead of just normal horse training because it would be fun to do the tricks on the horse for circus.  One of the classes I’m taking for the last two weeks is club juggling.  I have been trying to learn club juggling for about a year and figured I should learn it here.  Now I am working on my passing.

I really enjoy it here because it is so much fun being around other people who enjoy circus just as much as I do, if not more.  I want to stick with circus training throughout high school and possibly college – it just depends on where I go to college and for what.


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  1. Erinn ~ Great to have you on this adventure! Great work!

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