From Germany, Cortez Young’s Play-By-Play Recap

Hello everyone! My name is Cortez, and I wanted to let you know that I am having a lot of fun in Germany.  The weather is sometimes nice and sometimes cold.  It is only hot in the middle of the day – no other time but between 1pm and 7pm.  It is cold in the morning when we wake up and before we go to bed.  But I like Germany a lot and would love to move here. We are here for three weeks this year, and this is the last week to spend time with our German friends.

The first week was European week and we were the only Americans here but it was fun.  We got to pick what class we wanted to take and I choose partner acrobatics and balancing.  My acro teachers were so fun and energetic and always ready to go to work.  I learned so many tricks and new acrobatic moves. We always had new partners for the class but that was fine with me!  I meet a lot of new and great people that spoke English.  Some were from Germany, some were from Spain, and some were from other parts of Europe.

The classes were 2-3 hours long.  It was tiring but it was worth the training.  We went to a water park on Saturday which was really fun.  It was called The Bud Bad, I think.  There was a water slide that sends you very fast and this walk-in pool which was warm.  There also was a machine that pushed you around while you swim.  It was so fun, especially when you try to go the opposite way against the  machine.  All of this was in the first week of camp.

Now, the second week of camp, I am a teamer.  A teamer is a person who is in charge of kids and teaches classes.  When I was here two years ago I was a camper and hated that I had a set bed time and I couldn’t go to bonfires, but I like being a teamer.  Even though the kids can barely understand me, they still like and respect me.  I teach pyramid acro and take partner acro as a class.  The kids love my power workout.  I’ve taught them so much I don’t think their heads can hold anymore.  That was during the first three days.

Thursday was secret agent, or spy day. Some of the teamers were assigned to protect another teamer that had to be kid napped.  It was so funny.  Last Saturday, or two days ago, we went into Stuttgart.  Funny thing, it was my birthday!!  So, in the middle of the performance, Sven made me come out and stand on the globe while everyone who was watching the show sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in German. Well, those are my experiences so far! Talk to you soon!


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  1. Andrew

    Happy (late) Birthday I know that we had fun hanging out. It has been a great time and I hope we can all come back some time soon.

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