Circus Mojo in Germany | Good News from Sharon Miller

This trip has been amazing – I have enjoyed every little moment we’ve experienced in this awesome place.  People have been so nice and
caring, they always have something to offer and are also ready to Plate Spinningprovide anything we need.

I could write a book about every single thing we did but I just want to share with you some of my favorite  moments:

I had the chance to walk an alpaca in the forest. It wasn’t easy at times because it wasn’t completely domesticated and ran like crazy; but it was awesome.  I enjoyed being in a silks class with a bunch of other girls. Even when I was a little nervous about some tricks, the girls would start cheering, “Sharon, Sharon, Sharon!”  It was so much fun. I also had a lot of fun one day at a small party they had where all the girls in the silks class danced together and kept coming up with funny moves, like “the shopper.” :p

Being a part of Circus Mojo and representing the USA has been a pleasure but it has been great for me to see that a lot of people I’ve met here are also interested in learning more about where I’m from. I grew up in Mexico City, where I learned silks as part of a government program that offers classes for free to keep youth busy and out of the sCircus Mojo, Circus Pimperellotreets. I’ve been living in the USA for one year and eight months.  It has been a long immigration process to get to this point but I’ve had strong support from the people I’ve met at Circus Mojo. I recently got my green card – it was a great moment! Thanks to that I can be on this trip with the Mojo troupe.

I never thought I’d be teaching kids in the USA (where we can speak the same language), let alone that I would come to Germany to teach silks where we don’t understand each other but still enjoy the class together. I’m also excited about the new skills I’m learning and the improvement I’m making in my existing skills. I’m also working hard to learn to ride the unicycle because I’d love to take it to Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital, where I work with Circus Mojo to lift the spirits of young patients and families (don’t worry, I won’t take it there until I’m really good at it :p).  I learned a couple new tricks on the walking globe but I mainly enjoyed that class because we took it with Sven, the founder of Circus Pimparello.  He gave us an intense warm-up, but it was worth it and the class was great!

aerial silks

Ona final note, I want to thank everyone who made this happen. This means a lot to me and I’m sure that us (Circus Mojo) being here will not only be in our memories but in a lot of other people’s too. ~Sharon Miller



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3 responses to “Circus Mojo in Germany | Good News from Sharon Miller

  1. Cortez Young


  2. Jesse Suttles

    glad to hear your so international it must really be great and the Germans and Circus Mojo love having you with us

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