Circus Mojo’s Diabolist, Adam Funck: ‘The Face’


This is my name and everyone knows it. When I came to Circus Pimparello in Germany, I was already on Sven’s good side. Sven, the man in charge of this whole circus village, came to Circus Mojo a year ago and he loved me.
Diabolo, Circus Pimparello
This year, when I came to his circus, I really became a part of the family. When I made my debut performance in Germany, he shouted my name over and over in his theatre. Everyone in the circus village knew who I was as soon as I performed my diabolo act. From then on it has become a daily custom for everyone to yell “ADAM!” the way Sven did.

You might be wondering why Sven first called out my name during the performance. The answer is ‘The Face.’ I am not a world class diabolist, I just know how to work my audience. I do the simplest tricks in the book, literally, but I make them my own by making ‘The Face.’

This so called ‘Face’ first came about when Karen, our former Ringling Bros. resident clown, told me that I needed to work on widely opening my eyes after doing every single trick. I did and she said, “I wanna see you make the biggest, stupidest face right after you catch the diabolo after throwing it in the air.” I opened my eyes as wide as I could, opened my mouth even wider and tried to smile all at the same. It was then, practicing for the Macy’s Arts Sampler ShoCircus Mojo in Germanyw, that ‘The Face’ was born. It is all about engaging the audience. I make them want to know me because I have so much fun on stage.

This trick has taken me awhile to learn, and I haven’t been using it that long, but because of it I’ve gotten to travel to this beautiful circus village in Germany – not just to travel there, but to be known, and loved by all the people. I’m now part of this family in Germany that I never knew existed. I have faith that ‘The Face’ will take me very far in life. ~Adam Funck



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2 responses to “Circus Mojo’s Diabolist, Adam Funck: ‘The Face’

  1. Cortez Young

    I didnt know your name was Adam…

  2. It certainly will take you far, but it works for you because it looks so genuine. Marilyn adores you and looks forward to looking up to your sister this school year. Thanks for the allowing her to feel included in the Circus Mojo family.

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