Be An Exchange Student with Circus Mojo, Summer 2012

Cultural Exchange in Germany with Circus Mojo Summer 2012

Circus Mojo is proud to announce a special opportunity for high school students to learn new skills, practice the German language and connect with teenagers from across Europe. Paul Miller has successfully partnered with Circus Pimparello of Germany for this cultural exchange for the past six years.

Circus Pimparello’s 2011 Trip to Circus Mojo:

Setting Up Circus Pimparello Tents:

Pimparello Teen Performer Highlight:

We will travel July 28 through August 18. We are working to raise funds by street performing and through our Kickstarter Campaign the majority of the cost is underwritten by the German Government, which partially underwrites the transportation, food and accommodations for this social exchange.

A Message From Cultural Exchange Sponsor Circus Pimparello

We are the “Verein JuKi – Zukunft für Kinder und Jugendliche e.V.“ (“JuKi – Association Future for Children and Young People“). In Circus Pimparello we unite meeting, learning, teaching, nature, circus and pedagogic. Our association is non-commercial and has the official recognition as an organization that independently supports social work with young people. Our association was founded in March 1998 with the aim of offering activities for children, young people and families, where they can have new experiences.

Our task is to make the kids and young adults hungry for life: we want to make them curious about themselves, to others and to their environment. Our circus work is a lot more than teaching artistic disciplines such as juggling, acrobatics and balance. Using artistic devices like dance, theatre and rhythm we want to teach young adults to develop their own creative feat. This is why we are the “new circus.” Circus Pimparello gives space to young people so they can realize and live their ideas, dreams and skills through circus work.

We guide young people through a shaping process in art and culture using circus. Our goal is for kids and young adults to find their own tools to offer them a way to navigate through the complexities of society.

It’s important for us that kids and young adults develop a natural joy in movement through circus. Many times the young adults discover a so-called motion study learning field.

We offer a safe sphere for young people on our circus farm. They try things and in this way they experience the creative possibilities for positive development. The embedded place in nature is healing and inspiring. Our 70 animals (horses, donkeys, alpacas, deer, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, geese, chicken and cats) are also used in a pedagogic and therapeutic way.

In our circus we have rich and poor, disabled and abled, socially underprivileged and sheltered, immigrated and German, learning handicapped and gifted kids and young adults. All of them get to know each other. Those pretended opposites are dissolved in the work with circus. Every young person gives his individual skills to the group to create a social cooperation, which is marked with mutual respect and appreciation. Thereby, the kids and young adults are proud of having built something on their own.

We promote engagement with the qualification of the young adults to the so called “circus youth trainer.” We offer extensive courses in different circus disciplines, presentation and pedagogic. Our engaged teenagers are motivated because of the space they have to realize their own dreams and visions.

In 2010 Circus Pimparello was awarded with the “Werkbund Label” for its integrated circus work with kids and young adults. The “Werkbund Label” is given to projects and initiatives that distinguish themselves through outstanding innovative or artistic qualities and social or political prototypical features.

Aims of our circus pedagogic:

1. Development of personality
Circus pedagogic promotes and strengthens kids and teens to discover, accept and display their own personality. Circus pedagogic works through the positive confirmation with artistic, physical and cognitive talents and does not concentrate on deficits. It also shows borders but it encourages youth to expand or to blow them.

2. Development of the group
A goal of circus pedagogic is to unfold mutual trust, to take responsibility for oneself and the rest of the group. There is room for real teamwork to grow on this base. Competences like respect, acceptance, the ability to take criticism and to solve conflicts, furthermore the ability to cooperate and communicate with others. To succeed, everybody has to deal actively with oneself, the group and the circus techniques.

3. Joie de vivre
The fascinating fact of circus pedagogics is the combination of vitality and mindfulness. The fun of doing things together helps to build vital energy and liberating laughter. Desire for exercise and letting go, experiencing focused moments and to flourish playfully are connected.

4. Mutual learning
Circus pedagogic wants to encourage the artistic expansion of each individual of the group. Participation is a major feature of the learning process. Learning from each other and with each other leads to artistic-aesthetic results.

Contact for more details on this unique opportunity!



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5 responses to “Be An Exchange Student with Circus Mojo, Summer 2012

  1. Cortez Young!!!!

    I hope I can do an exchange in 2013 with you guys!!

  2. Andi Wywiorski

    I hope there is still space left for me, I would love to go this summer!

  3. Paula Kutcher

    Sounds TRULY wonderful. Thanks for providing this fabulous learning opportunity!

  4. Cora

    I can’t wait to go back to Germany and reconnect with old friends and brush up on my skills. I can only imagine how amazing this trip will be now that I am six years older!

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