Ringling Brothers Circus in Cincinnati: A Week to Remember

We’ve known for months that the Ringling Brothers Circus was coming to Cincinnati this March. The week prior to the show’s opening, Pauly and Karen roamed the downtown streets sharing smiles and bringing a taste of what was to come:

On opening night, Ringling provided Circus Mojo with a generous number of tickets so that our crew could attend the show – and of course, it was the greatest on earth! The high-wire, the clowns, the wheel of death (!), tigers, elephants…thrilling, beautiful, and simply out of this world. What a surprise when, after the finale, the boss clown came out and took us on a backstage tour!

By the time the evening wound down and we had all returned home, I didn’t think the week could get any better. But it was only Thursday…as I drank my coffee the next morning and checked my email, I saw that Circus Mojo was going to perform on Friday night’s pre-show for the Ringling Brothers. Let me say it again because it feels so good: Circus Mojo was to perform for the pre-show for Ringling Brothers!

There are many stories to be told of that afternoon as several clowns joined Pauly and gang for a homemade lunch (thanks to Matt!), games, juggling and shared tricks. When I arrived at Mojo for our rehearsal, the room was full of rings flying through the air and there was an excitement that fit well with the show’s theme: “Fully Charged!”

Ringling Brothers circus clowns, Circus Mojo, juggling

Adam (left) juggles with a Ringling clown (right) as Pauly shows another performer how to walk on the giant red globe. Picture by Tres Kutcher.

The time went by in a blur as we prepared for our set, loaded two vehicles, flew across the bridge to Cincinnati, miraculously got past security and then before I knew it, we were backstage and set to go on in Ring Three. Two favorite things that I’d like to share about this: one, was seeing an elephant backstage with us. Living near one of the nation’s top-rated zoos, I see elephants fairly regularly, but this was surreal. The second great part was that the performers from Ringling were beautiful – not just physically. They welcomed our motley crew into their space with open arms and were incredibly supportive and friendly. I thank them for this.

Visit our facebook page to see more pictures from our Ringling Brothers experience, including our rehearsal and the pre-show in which our group performed juggling, hooping, poi and more.

Fully charged,
Cherie Dawn



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2 responses to “Ringling Brothers Circus in Cincinnati: A Week to Remember

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  2. Way to go Circus Mojo! From Paul’s Clown-Doctor friends at Fools for Health in Windsor, Ontario!

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