Circus Mojo Continues to Grow

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Classes are available for all ages at Circus Mojo, located in Ludlow, Kentucky.

When Circus Mojo held auditions this past November, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try out. Coming to it initially as a parent whose son had taken the Silly Willy class and participated in circus Summer Camp, I was already familiar—strike that—WOWED with Pauly the Clown and those who worked with him.

My name is Cherie Dawn, and I am a fire/belly dancer. You can assume from the fact that I’m writing this from the Circus Mojo blog that things worked out well during the audition. This post is to introduce myself to you as a trainee, performer, teacher assistant and advocate of this beautiful concept of a business (click here to learn more).

As a result of the auditions, several other like-minded folks have also joined this group. I’ll be introducing you to them along the way as well; it’s an interesting group of individuals, and I’m confident that we will do great things together.

Til next time,
Cherie Dawn


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